Ethio Health Exhibition & Congress


It has been known that our company is organizing the 5th session of “Ethio Health Exhibition and Congress” to be held from 11 - 13 March 2016 at Millennium Hall.

We have been working closely with the Ministry of Health, FMHACA and professional association to have the largest CPD accredited conferences that will accommodate more than 5,000 medical professionals operating in different disciplines, which will be the new chapter for the country health sector.

Due to different programs that they have been engaged we couldn’t manage to finalize preparations as per the plan. We realize that running the show with such condition will not attract enough stakeholders or targeted visitors to the event that may lead to disappointments for participants.

Therefore, we kindly announce that we are forced to postpone the event to May for the benefit of all concerned stakeholders in the event.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to postponement of the show and give our sincere appreciation for your kind understanding in advance.

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